Flagg Township


Educational Programs

Flagg Township Museum provides educational programs for individuals, schools, scouts, and groups at the museum and in the classroom.

For classes that are unable to visit the museum, museum staff is available to schedule classroom visits to provide programs and show artifacts from the museum. Visiting the classroom helps students prepare for what they see when they visit the museum.

Cajun Cuisine


Mardi Gras

School Tours at the Museum

Music Scene

History Trunks

Resources available for use in elementary school classrooms.

  • Happy Birthday, Illinois
  • Hispanic Crafts
  • Hispanic Heritage
  • Native Americans & Early Settlers
  • Playground Games and Victorian Etiquette
  • Quill Pen Workshop
  • Turn of the Century Life & School
In the museum, 
Grab a Bag is a self-directed tour of the museum to learn about “Dirty Jobs” or “Women Were…” 
Our Scavenger Hunt takes you all over the museum to find the pictured artifacts.

Cajun Cuisine

MScaardi GrasSc

Music Scene

Flagg Township

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