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The Flagg Township Historical Society is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that was formed in 1968 to collect and preserve the history of Flagg Township.
Franklin Kruger, the Society’s founder proposed the old City and Town Hall be saved from demolition and restored to be used as the Historical Society Museum.

The Historical Society began collecting artifacts, photos and documents that reflect the history of Rochelle and Flagg Township that now form the Museum collection.

The collection includes thousands of items, many of which are exhibited on all three floors of the Museum.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Flagg Township Historical Society and Museum is to stimulate interest in Flagg Township history through education, research, collection and preservation of information for the benefit of the public of today and in the future.

Vision Statement

Inspiring the community to know the past, both local and global, in order to guide the future.


The Flagg Township Museum partnered with the City of Rochelle when it acquired the building and continues to participate in many of the city sponsored events.

The Rochelle Park District and the Museum work together on projects and programs to benefit residents of Rochelle and Flagg Township.


Janet Stocking, President
Terry Dickow, Vice-President
Arlyn Van Dyke, Treasurer
Gretchen Bain, Recording Secretary
Steve Frank, Curator

Board Members

Bobbie Colbert
Bob Erwin
David Guest
Steve O’Connor
Tom McDermott, Historian

Contact Information

Address: 518 4th Ave. Rochelle, IL 61068
Phone: 815-562-3040
Email: hubhistory@gmail.com

Flagg Township

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